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"I can remember about 8 years ago when I tried my first pair of Stockli skis from Rick. I felt like my whole skiing experience was changed. Having grown up skiing at Sugarbush on the East coast, I knew what trails to ski on and when to ski them in order to avoid the ice. Nevertheless, the inevitable would come along and you'd hit an ice patch. I was constantly looking for patches of ice to avoid. This time, with the Stocklis and Rick's expert job on the edges, I wasn't avoiding those patches anymore. I was intentionally heading for ice and carving all over it with this great feeling of victory. Whenever I'm back up in Waitsfield, VT, I head over to make sure I get a tune up from Rick so I can keep conquering the ice."

1LT Peter Campbell
FOB Zangabad


"Wow, like riding an express rail -- stable, responsive, short quick turns, quick transitions from edge to edge, and fast. 


Love the older Laser SC (168), but this new one is better in a variety of snow conditions.
Outstanding performance with that blue Marker Griffon binding -- could not be happier with this purchase (this weekend). 
Level III experience in every way -- NorthEast skiing on hardpack, air & jumps easy and smooth; great in moguls as well at 170 length.

This new model is a fantastic ski that combined what I have in both the older Laser SC (168) and Cross (164) models.
Stockli makes incredible skis and continues to prove it over and over … many thanks!  Had two groups (strangers) stop me at the lifts (waiting at the top), asked me where I got them, and for the directions to your shop – we’ll see if they follow-up."
Ed Sherman “Taz
Plaudits from the public for Ski Sharp

-Ski Magazine equipment Test Stockli Laser GS Jr wins hands down

-Ski Magazine December,  Best Ski Tuner in the Sugarbush area.

-Ski Magazine Buyer's Guide:

-Technical support by Rick McAllister for Doug Lewis's Junior Ski Test Powder Magazine: Shop of the Month

Ski Bumming Can Lead to Success Ski Sharp is Top Shop by Mary K. Kerr

"I hammer my skis pretty good out on the hill every day, in the gates, in the woods, all over the mtn. I bring him skis that are on their death bed and every time he brings them back to life! It's magic...he's got the touch." Doug Lewis 1984 & 1988 Olympian 1985 World Championship Medalist

"Always sharp, always fast...Rick gives the best race tune in town! Be sure to ask for the "Orange Creamsicle Wax", it's FAST!" Kelley Lewis Former World Cup racer

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