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Laser SL

Laser SL 2022 (002)

Construction - Combicore : Wood/Laminated Fiberglass, Titanal Layers, Racing Graphite Base

This is our "Secret Ski". Only our most enthusiastic customers know how much fun this ski truly is. I probably order more of these Stockli Laser SL skis than any other shop, and I still sell out of them every year. For me, that says it all!

Call me - Rick at 802-496-6001 - and I will let you in on the secret that makes the new Stockli Laser SL so special.

Dimensions :
Length Side Cut Turn Radius
150cm 120-66-97mm 11.0m
155cm 120-66-97mm 11.8m
160cm 120-66-97mm 12.7m
165cm 120-66-97mm 13.6m
170cm 120-66-97mm 14.5m

Technology :
Sandwich Construction
Wood and Composite Core
Two Milled Titanal Sheets
Vertical Sidewalls
Race Style Graphite Sintered Base